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Meet ProspectAgent
your new sales PA

ProspectAgent is your team’s most efficient sales administrator.
Your PA delivers researched, qualified leads straight through to your sales execs, and then takes care of all their dull processing jobs. Oh, and your new PA also happens to be a piece of software.

What ProspectAgent does

Data harvesting

Your sales PA works away beneath your website, pinpointing the identity of your visitors and pulling together live profiles on their company and site activity.

Data management

Your PA instantly distributes prospects to the relevant employee, categorising leads, updating activities, and managing the journey to conversion.

Data processing

Your PA handles all your supporting sales admin, updating your CRM, spreadsheets, SharePoint files, Outlook calendar and telephony systems.

ProspectAgent in action

Who ProspectAgent helps

Your sales team

PA is a dedicated sales assistant, designed to deliver more opportunities, streamline the sales process and automate manual data tasks.

Your marketing team

Inbound leads become fully traceable with PA, and get shipped directly to your CRM – making for a happier marketing team

Your C-suite

With a more agile sales department, a clarified marketing spend and a boost in bottom line revenue, PA satisfies C-suite objectives.

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